Our web solutions are majorly based upon agile web development as they offer various features helping us deliver amazing websites in a short time. It allows us to test out the website features with real users, plan potential additions and presents us with some valuable feedback.

How does it help you?

Agile web development technology makes sure that each party in the development cycle, including the client, are kept in the loop at all times, which helps us get optimum results in terms of the client’s perspective as they play a vital role in the whole process. With Agile Web Development, you get:

  • The agile web solutions are in a continuous pattern which allows instantaneous addition or upgrade of any technology to the ongoing web structure.
  • It is common to have errors during SDLC as there can be some miscommunication between several domains. With the cross-functionality virtue of Agile Technology, the chances of error become minimal.
  • Agile technology allows the client to take part in every process of development which leads to better clientele communication.
  • With the agile approach, the strategy of web development keeps evolving along the whole cycle which leaves no room for any kind of bad planning.
  • Any web pages developed through agile technology are well formulated which means they shape up well to mold itself in a combined website.

The AppCheetah Advantage

Our business model aims for us to become a prime winner in software excellence and turn the wheels of the innovation cycle. With unorthodox thinking, ground breaking technology and a client centric approach, we always dare to aim higher. These are few things that you get from us:

  • Cost-Effective Methods:
    We always believe in getting the task done with the least expenses. Our cost effective strategies will help you get the best out of your investment.
  • Flexible Customer Service:
    We provide around the clock customer assistance to our clients. You can reach at any hour to discuss any doubts.
  • Driven Workforce:
    Our experienced team of tech wizards are always dedicated towards delivering excellence. Client satisfaction is our topmost priority.

Our Approach

  • Project Initiation: Before initiating any project we always do proper analysis regarding the requirements of our clients and how to fulfill them in the best way possible.
  • Design ⇄ Code ⇄ Test: This is our mantra to get best web pages in each section of the website. The process is cyclic and is repeated many times to ensure that we deliver the perfect website.
  • Website Delivery: The final step of the project involves making the website live for the customers to use it. We celebrate the deployment of any website with our clients.