For a faultless solution for Mobile Applications Marketing, AppCheetah helps publishers broaden their install base with users who steadily monetize and engage, along with retargeting the existing users to step-up the levels of engagement and retention.

Through a much simplified and a single point of integration we automate the optimization across channels to bring on board the best sources of valuable users and maximize lasting Return on Investment. With a programmatic reach and optimized system, we ensure you get world class results.

Why AppCheetah?

Target the Right Users

We help you reach the right users. We maximize your LTV and ROI by targeting the right users and motivate them in best ways to take actions that lead to monetization.


A single point of access to buy, bill and track across virtually all mobile and media sources keeps the strategy as the prime focus.

Optimization – Without Spreadsheets

Automatically optimize within and across channels, segments, and creatives to find the most cost-efficacious sources of majority of users.

Integrated Retargeting

Retargeting existing users can lead to visually appealing increment in ROI by reactivating lapsed users, promoting new things that you offer, or motivating them to take deeper actions such as registrations, subscriptions and purchases.